About NETA

What we do…

Get people on trails!  We have hikes, off-road bicycle rides, horseback rides and trail activities throughout the year, including the annual Ocean To Lake Eco-Adventure and Greenway Celebration – an exciting shared-use trail experience. Trail events occur year-round.

Build partnerships with our land managers!  Our public lands are managed by skilled professionals and we provide input and volunteer help to create engaging recreational opportunities. We assist our government partners by helping to establish and maintain trails.

Educate the public!  We want everyone to know how amazing our natural lands and parks are – once you know about them, we know you’ll fight to keep them. Our outdoor experiences include sessions on trail etiquette with multiple types of users, trail safety, and information on local plants and animals.

NETA is a shared use trail organization focused the acquisition and stewardship of shared use trails in our natural areas and parks.   NETA has an executive board comprised of hikers, cyclists, paddlers and equestrians. Together we encourage access, maintenance, education and stewardship of trails in the Northeast Everglades area.

The need for “NETA” was sparked by the denial of access to publicly owned lands that have been historically used by the local residents for eco recreation, prior to acquisition by government.

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Love the Land – Build a Trail!

 NETA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization located in the Northeast Everglades area.  We organize frequent hiking, biking, paddling and equestrian outings in our Northeast Everglades area. Our intent is to provide rewarding experiences which will encourage responsible use of and stewardship of our natural areas and parks.